What's Duviz?

duviz.py is a simple UNIX command line utility written in Python to visualize disk space usage.

It's like the plethora of desktop applications and widgets (e.g. Filelight, DaisyDisk, WinDirStat, JDiskReport, TreeSize, SpaceSniffer, ...), but instead of a fancy GUI with animated pie charts and shaded boxes you get a funky "ASCII art style hierarchical tree of bars".

If that didn't make a lot of sense to you, look at this example of my /opt folder:

Duviz in action

Oh my god, that's handy for finding those pesky disk hogs!


Get it!

If you just want the script: Download duviz.py

If you want to do it the fancy github way: Fork Duviz on Github

Install it, use it

To have it easily at your service (without having to remember the script's full path): copy or symlink the duviz.py script to a folder in your $PATH (optionally removing the ".py" for more polish) and make sure it is executable. If you don't know what this means, ask your favorite UNIX guru.

Run it. With or without directories as arguments. Add options (like --inodes). Ask more help with --help. Be nice to the elderly.