Drupal 7 development milestone: issue queue halved in size

29 January, 2010 - 10:47

Here's an update of the post about the size tracking of the Drupal 7 issue queue I made more than a month ago. January has been a pretty fruitful month for Drupal core development: we hit the point were the critical D7 issue queue halved in size. It reached its maximum around 15 October 2009 (code freeze) with 440 critical D7 issues and on Wednesday 27 January 2010, it dropped below 220.

Some notes from Drupal Camp Gent 2009

3 January, 2010 - 03:05

Some notes I made on DrupalCamp Ghent 2009 on 11 and 12 december. Mainly for my own reference, so please don't read any further.

How near is Drupal 7?

15 December, 2009 - 10:52

Since May 2009, I'm monitoring the Drupal 7 issue queue sizes. I use a cron job in Python that goes out four times a day to drupal.org to scrape the issue queue sizes mentioned in the "contributor links" block.

The idea is to see if the time series can be used to have some estimate when Drupal 7 will be ready. For a long time, the overall trend was a rising one and simple extrapolation would tell that Drupal 7 would never be ready :)

Since the beginning of December 2009, it seems that the "critical D7 issues" queue is finally in shrinking mode, so I thought the time was right for releasing an overview of my current data. Moreover, there is now a public Drupal 7 issue size tracker with more web-2.0-shininess by Damien Tournoud (with less history however), so I should contribute my data instead of keeping it for myself.

PHP is easy or not

11 March, 2008 - 18:11

PHP is easy, unless you're paying me, in which case its very difficult.
-- Nick Lewis

from http://www.nicklewis.org/a-practical-tutorial-on-drupals-menu-system

Yay, I'm joining Krimson to DrupalCon Boston 2008

14 February, 2008 - 10:22

It's official now: I'm joining Krimson on their trip to DrupalCon Boston 2008!

Not more than a month ago, the nice people of Krimson offered to fund the trip and stay at DrupalCon Boston for someone from the Belgian/European Drupal community. At first I didn't really consider filling in the application form, because I thought some well known Drupal big shot would be selected. But after my girlfriend pushed me (thank you girlfriend), I decided to give it a try and filled in in the form. When I received the mail of Krimson with the message that I was selected, I was completely flabbergasted. I'm sure this is only the beginning of an amazing experience and I'm really excited about it.

I guess I'm a bit off with my speculation that a well known Drupal big shot would get the plane ticket. So let me introduce myself a bit.

Drupal wallpaper

28 January, 2008 - 11:50

Because Drupal wallpapers are considered rare species I decided to jump in and spend some spare time on modeling the druplicon in Blender.

Here are some first shiny renders:

drupal wallpaper

drupal wallpaper

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Download offline version of dynamic pages with Wget

24 November, 2006 - 10:43

Remainder mainly to myself: short list of useful options of wget for recursive downloading of dynamic (PHP, ASP, ...) webpages (because wget's man page is too long):

  • --no-clobber: do not redownload pages that already exist locally.
  • --html-extension: append extension .html to webpages of which the URL does not end on .html or .htm but with things like .php or .php?q=boo&bar=4.
  • --recursive: turn on recursive downloading.
  • --level=3: set the recursion depth.
  • --convert-links: make the links in downloaded documents point to local files if possible.
  • --page-requisites: download embedded images and stylesheets for each downloaded html document.
  • --relative: only follow relative links, not absolute links (even if in the same domain).
  • --no-parent: do not ascend to parent directory of the given URL while recursively retrieving.

Blocking referer spam with Apache .htaccess directives

28 April, 2006 - 16:03

The logs of my (drupal powered) website show a lot of referer spam. Some time ago I had this statistics page which contained a listing of the last 10 pages my site's visitors came from (aka referers). Soon spambots found out and spammed this list. I made the list invisible for anonymous visitors, but nevertheless spambots stil target my site (less frequent than when the list was visible, however), polute my stats, use bandwidth, use processing power and kill those cute little puppies. Now I went a bit further to block those dirty spambots ...